Our Story

Welcome to Smoky Bears!

Our barbecue joint is an homage to the southern influences of my western Tennessee youth, where I learned 2 critical truths:

  1. The little things we all do for our community add up to mean something
  2. Without great food, what’s the point?

During my 15 years in the restaurant industry learning, training, applying and sharpening my skills, I’ve dreamt of bringing my concept of an enjoyable atmosphere and mouthwatering food to life. When the opportunity to restore a once thriving local spot in Richwood presented itself in 2017, I took it as a sign. I’ve been blessed by the support of my mother (the mama Bear in Smoky Bears), and the lessons instilled in me by my father and grandmother of what it means to put your heart into cooking for others.

We look forward to serving you!

Meet The Team Behind the Barbecue